Godfried-Willem Raes

We are greatly honoured to host a keynote talk from Godfried-Willem Raes of the Logos Foundation, the composer and instrument maker, who taught at Ghent Royal Conservatory and the Orpheus Higher Institution for Music. Godfried-Willem deserves the title of "music maker" in the broadest and deepest sense, composing music, making music happen by hosting hundreds of concerts per year, and making dozens of robots that make music. His robot making has become particularly well known in the UK, in part through his collaboration with the prolific producer of Cornish Acid, Aphex Twin.

Talk abstract (download)
Appearing at:


Old Post Hall, Sheffield Institute of Arts
9:30am-5pm, 13 Nov. 2016 - share on facebook
£25 / £12.50 - get tickets

An arts-research day symposium, with talks and performances on the theme of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement, chaired by Thor Magnusson and Chris Kiefer from University of Sussex's Experimental Music Technology Lab, and taking place in the Sheffield Institute of Arts.

The £25 / £12.50 ticket prices are inclusive of all fees, and includes refreshments, lunch and free access to evening performances at the Millennium Gallery. 

We are very happy to announce that the symposium will include a keynote speech by Godfried-Willem Raes from the Logos Foundation. For details, including a draft programme, please see the symposium website hosted by the symposium chairs.

Godfried-Willem Raes

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