AlgoMech Festival

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Day 2
Free entry

11am-2pm, Sun 19 May 2019
Winter garden,

90 Surrey St, Sheffield

Live in Sheffield's central Winter Garden, day two of a range of hands-on activities, performances and the opportunity to dance around the maypole with handmade robots.

Sunday Schedule

11am - Heartsease (Deerful) Live Performance

11.30am - 2pm - Mechanical Techno hands-on (drop-in and first-come-first-served)

12pm - 12:50pm - Maypole Dancing Robots with Dave Griffiths, Giovanni Fanfani, Alex McLean, Ellen Harlizius-Klück

1pm - A short walk away - Lucy Cheesman presents Antigone - see here for more details

Graham Dunning
Mechanical Techno Workshop

Ever been curious to make your own mechanical techno? Ever been curious to find out what mechanical techno is? Graham Dunning is an artist and peformer who has been mesmerising audiences with a complete reinterpretation of the turntable as a musical instrument. Using its rotations, he attaches things to spinning vinyl discs, using both the music on the record and the appendiges' collision with various triggers and microphones to make incredible layered electronic music.

At this workshop, you'll learn how to make your own mini mechanical techno record using Graham's tools and process. This activity is suitable for all, and lots of fun!

Watch a demonstration on how it all works here:


PENELOPE project
Penelopean performance with Maypole-dancing robots

Giovanni Fanfani, Dave Griffiths and Alex McLean will recite Ancient Greek poetry, choreograph woven robots, and live code musical patterns respectively. This three-layered performance brings together Greek choral dance-and-song, braiding, and rhythm in an inter-disciplinary exploration of ancient metrical pattern. We invite you to join in, and help the robots create a braid on the maypole.