AlgoMech Festival

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Outdoor performance

1pm-1:30pm, Sun 19 May 2019
Pinball Square (opposite Site gallery),

1 Brown Street, Sheffield S1 2BS

A new performance artwork by Lucy Cheesman, connecting with her background both in ancient Greek literature and algorithmic music/live coding. The piece will use data sonification techniques to explore the verse structure of Greek tragedy. This soundscape will underpin an experimental chorus performance of Sophocles’ Antigone. Lucy’s recent Mortal Springs EP (released on pan y rosas discos) stands as a precursor to this work, drawing on the theme of Persephone as a living being beneath the earth in Hades. Antigone’s burial alive in the play also speaks to this theme, and this piece aims to further explore crucial elements of ancient Greek cosmology of the living and dead.
This artwork will be performed in the public square opposite Site gallery, with support from Sheffield City of Ideas.