Tim Shaw and John Bowers

Tim Shaw has worked internationally as an artist, performer, sound designer and researcher. His practice is situated within media art and draws upon soundscape and electroacoustic composition, performance making and DIY technology. Collaboration plays a central role in his approach, he has been lucky enough to make artistic work with Chris Watson, John Bowers and Sébastien Piquemal. Shaw has presented work in various venues worldwide including Café OTO, NIME, Piksel, Eastern Bloc, Abandon Normal Devices and FACT Liverpool.

John Bowers is an artist-researcher working within Culture Lab with a particular interest in the use of art and design-led methods (Research Through Design) to explore digital technologies and novel interaction concepts. He also works as a sound artist improvising with electronic, digital, acoustic and electro-mechanical devices and self-made instruments in performance and installation settings, typically accompanied by live digital image. His work is often grounded in field research methods drawn from the social sciences (ethnography, interaction analysis) and related to theoretical and practical issues in Human Computer Interaction (HCI), design research, material culture, media archeology and critical theory. He leads Culture Lab's research on Digital Media.

Walk Write Repeat: Soundscape Machinery by Tim Shaw and John Bowers

Guided by the image of the city of Sheffield as an immense sonic machine, Shaw and Bowers will follow instructions to create citywide walks, gathering sensor-data, physical materials, images and sound recordings as they go. At selected locations, they will perform and document a number of rituals to facilitate the city in exposing its occult algorithmic-mechanic character. A 30 minute performance will culminate these two days of work in which Shaw and Bowers will work with their gathered materials and resonate them through modular synthesisers, self-made circuitry, archaic algorithmic systems and other music and image machines.

Appearing at:

Crafting sound (II)

Millennium Gallery
7:30pm-9:30pm, 13 Nov. 2016
£6 OTD, or free to crafting sound (I) and symposium attendees

Crafting Sound continues for the second evening, with performances feeding sounds from Sheffield into self-made, archaic systems and machinery, audiovisual live coding with sonic pi, dance choreographed by live coded JavaScript, and the physical clapping out of binary code to build a pure sine wave.


Tim Shaw and John Bowers

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