Ryan Kirkbride

Ryan is a postgraduate research student at the University of Leeds. His background is in Computer Science but has recently been combining this with his interest in music through live coding and algorithmic composition. He began work on his Python-driven Live Coding environment, FoxDot, in 2015 and has since performed internationally using it. His university research focusses on nonverbal communication in live coding ensembles and collaborative performances.
Twitter: @ryankirkbride26

Ctrl and Return by Ryan Kirkbride

This will be a performance of live coding; generating music through the use of a programming language. It starts with a blank screen and code is written to describe sonic events which are heard while the program is constructed, deconstructed, and reconstructed throughout. A lot of the performance is either improvised or left up to chance, with melodies and rhythms being left up to the gods (a.k.a. random number generators).

Appearing at:

Crafting sound (II)

Millennium Gallery
7:30pm-9:30pm, 13 Nov. 2016
£6 OTD, or free to crafting sound (I) and symposium attendees

Crafting Sound continues for the second evening, with performances feeding sounds from Sheffield into self-made, archaic systems and machinery, audiovisual live coding with sonic pi, dance choreographed by live coded JavaScript, and the physical clapping out of binary code to build a pure sine wave.


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Ryan Kirkbride

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