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I've been making music for many years and am a multi instrumentalist. I have also been a computer programmer since a very young age, so when I was told I could combine making music and programming, I got very excited about the idea. I started messing with TidalCycles and fell in love with it. I think it helped that I've made a lot of dance music already so already had an idea how I wanted to structure the beats and progressions and things, I was just learning a new way to express them. After a month or so of playing with tidal, someone and they told me that Alex (Yaxu), the creator of the language, was living my hometown of Sheffield! So I sort him out at his tidalclub meetups and the next thing I knew, he was booking me to play at some of his excellent events.

Appearing at..

18 May


Club night with Algorave and friends

£8 + booking (£10 on the door)

Algorave and friends