Kate Sicchio

Kate Sicchio works at the interface of technology and performance. Her work has been shown internationally in galleries, on stage and in more unconventional sites, in the form of installations and performances. Most recently she has been working with live coding, machine learning and wearable technology as an intervention in the choreographic process. She is currently Assistant Professor in Dance and Media Technologies at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Untitled Algorithm Dance 2 by Kate Sicchio

Untitled Algorithmic Dance 2 is a performance in an ongoing series created by choreographer Kate Sicchio. Each piece looks to explore computer programming paradigms through choreography, embodied actions and the language of dance.

Appearing at:

Closing party

Access Space
7pm-11pm, 19 Nov. 2016 - share on facebook
Free (£3 suggested. donation on the door)

Our closing event will begin with an algorithmic dance performance from Kate Sicchio, leading into a party with Blood Sport DJs, hellocatfood visuals, and DJ Dadmagnet literally bringing powertools to power ballads. All donations on the door go to the charitable work of Access Space.


Kate Sicchio

DJ Dadmagnet

Blood Sport