AlgoMech Festival

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Day 1 of performances and drop-in activities
Free entry

10am-4pm, Sat 18 May 2019
Winter garden,

90 Surrey St, Sheffield

Live in Sheffield's central Winter Garden, day one of a range of hands-on activities, performances and the opportunity to dance around the maypole with handmade robots.

Saturday schedule as follows:

10am - 2pm Pimorini Workshop - Algorithmic bracelet making!

11am - Hellocatfood - Live Performance

12.30pm - 1.30pm - Maypole Dancing Robots with Dave Griffiths, Giovanni Fanfani, Alex McLean, Ellen Harlizius-Klück

3pm - Innocent - Live Performance



Algorithmic bracelet making

Between 10am and 2pm - drop by and make algorithmic bracelets with Pimoroni! Explore number patterns and how a mathematical seed can generate unique jewellery. You only need to be able to count to ten, but you'll find out some of the underlying patterns of the universe.

PENELOPE project
Penelopean performance with Maypole-dancing robots

Giovanni Fanfani, Dave Griffiths and Alex McLean will recite Ancient Greek poetry, choreograph woven robots, and live code musical patterns respectively. This three-layered performance brings together Greek choral dance-and-song, braiding, and rhythm in an inter-disciplinary exploration of ancient metrical pattern. We invite you to join in, and help the robots create a braid on the maypole.