Toni Buckby and Sean Cotterill

Toni Buckby - I make objects with fabric and stitch. Practicing the traditional technique of Blackwork embroidery, I draw inspiration from the historical aesthetic of stylised natural forms and the geometry of pattern. My work examines the physicality of the materials, the gesture of stitching and the labour involved in the creation of hand-made objects.

Sean Cotterill - a live coder, digital artist and musician currently undertaking doctoral study in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. Cotterill uses open source technologies to create works revolving around sound, light and digital interaction. Previous works include international commissions for ZENDEH, ISIS Arts, Dance City and Newcastle Institute for Creative Practice, and ongoing involvement with the Algorave movement.

Sonic Embroidery by Toni Buckby and Sean Cotterill

Toni and Sean have been developing a collaboration between live coding and live embroidery, while resident at Access Space in November 2015, and again in the run-up to AlgoMech 2016. The collaboration builds on Toni's interest in the possibilities of feedback in the notation of pattern, and Sean's interest in sonification and visualisation of pattern and gesture. This will be the first major performance of this collaboration, as an AlgoMech commission.

Appearing at:

Crafting sound (I)

Millennium Gallery
7:30pm-9:30pm, 12 Nov. 2016 - share on facebook
£6 advance (£8 OTD) - get tickets

A concert of the diverse artforms of clog dancing, music boxes, embroidery and live coding, each giving a different perspective on the human side of mechanisms and algorithms. The concert will take place 12th November 2016. We are also programming a second concert on the following day (13th Nov), which will be free of charge to Crafting Sound ticket holders.

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Toni Buckby and Sean Cotterill