Charles Matthews started recording electronic music as Ardisson around 1998. Releases include a series of 12”s on Seed Records and remixes and compilation appearances on Balkan Vinyl, Combat Recordings, and Warp. When not obsessively patching or making bizarre acid he is an avid gamelan player, and spends much of his time knee deep in transducers, gongs, and lights for the Augmented Gamelan ensemble. He is currently working on several new instruments designed to improve accessibility as an associate musician with Drake Music’s R&D project. See his vine for examples of his work, strange and traditional..
Twitter: @ardisson

Ardisson brings an off-kilter acid set featuring an augmented TB-303 bassline synth, a sprawling Max patch, a handful of sensors and actuators, and a loud repetitive bass drum.

Appearing at:


Millennium Gallery
8pm-1am, 18 Nov. 2016 - share on facebook
£6 advance (£8 OTD) - get tickets

"The scene at an algorave is often what you'd expect from any good techno night - a dark room, engaging visuals. a decent, bass-heavy speaker set-up, and lots of people ready to dance. .. performers at algoraves respond to each other and the audience in real time, often projecting the lines of code onto the walls as they type. lt’s coding as improvisation and experiment.." - The Wire magazine

Algorave is a combination of "algorithms" and "rave", the opportunity to dance to alien rhythms and freaky visuals, all created from code before your eyes. The Algorave scene is fast-growing around the world, with Sheffield a strong centre, building on its fine roots in electronic music history. For the AlgoMech Algorave we are teaming up with Millennium Gallery Live Lates, and mixing in some mechanical techno to spice up the algorithmic electronics. We'll be bringing together algorithmic and mechanical artists from UIQ, PC Music, Computer Club, Rephlex, Conditional and NTS radio on one bill.. This has to be experienced!

Graham Dunning


Lil Data

Sick Lincoln

Heavy Lifting


Renick Bell




Miri Kat