Access Space,

3-7 Sidney Street, S1 4RG


This installation will be open for drop-in visitors both 11th and 12th November, from 1pm until 5pm.

In addition, Ryoko Akama and Anne-F will perform twice within the installation (from 5:15pm 11th Nov, and 12:45 12th Nov), these will be free events but booking is essential.

"Failed experiments" is a performative sound installation of precarious contraptions, made from mundane objects and small motors. These contraptions seem rather autonomous, yet Akama and Jacques are also present in the space, re-arranging, disturbing, interacting with the population of animated objects. This is Akama and Jacques's first collaboration, after more than a year of sharing thoughts, fascination for specific objects - and failed experiments. They will develop their collaboration in residency at Access Space Sheffield in the days running up to the festival.

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