PENELOPE is an European Research Council funded project based in Deutsches Museum, Munich, lead by Ellen Harlizius-Klück. 

Our aim is to integrate ancient weaving into the history of science and technology, especially digital technology. The project encompasses the investigation of ancient sources as well as practices and technological principles of ancient weaving. We set up a PENELOPEan laboratory where we detect the models and topologies of weaves and develop codes to make them virtually explorable.

For AlgoMech, team members Ellen Harlizius-Klück, Dave Griffiths, Flavia Carraro, Giovanni Fanfani and Alex McLean will set up a temporary laboratory within the AlgoMech exhibition, including the Pattern Matrix, a tangible device for exploring and understanding woven structures, and pieces of music woven into cloth by Harlizius-Klück.

The PENELOPE project will also be convening our Symposium on Making.
Twitter: @ercpenelope

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