Toni Buckby is an artist working with textiles and interactive media, focusing on the intersection between traditional craft techniques, heritage and digital technologies. Her work explores the process of making, the mathematics of pattern and the creation of complex structures through simple components. She specialises in the hand embroidery technique of Blackwork, runs workshops on digital fabrication and spends most of her time attempting to get impractical ideas to function.

Sean Cotterill is a live coder, musician and artist-programmer currently working on practice-based research into a Free (as in freedom) Digital/Hybrid arts practice. Current projects include live coding reverse-engineered dance music in nightclubs as co¥ᄀpt, investigating the implications of proprietary software on the body and interfacing 16th century embroidery techniques with contemporary musical sampling performance for sampler/sampler. Cotterill regularly performs live coded music as part of 'Algorave' internationally, and has presented work in the UK, Germany, Canada and South Africa.

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