AlgoMech festival is based in Sheffield UK, a fine city of makers.

Here's our local take on Sheffield, but see the Our Favourite Places website for the word from the experts.

It's really difficult to be comprehensive about a place like Sheffield, so please let us know what we've missed.

This guide is based on a wiki originally on the dorkbotsheffield website, thanks to the anonymous authors.



Local etiquette

People observe bus queues here. If you arrive at an empty bus stop and sit in the middle of the bench, people will still queue behind you, even if the stop serves multiple buses, even if this means queuing outside the bus shelter when it’s raining. When a bus approaches the bus stop, you do a polite dance with the person in front and behind, and the queue diverges.

Don’t worry if everyone (from little old ladies to burly bus drivers) calls you “love” (or any other form of diminutive.) Best to just go with it and start using it yourself liberally. It’s quite lovely (!) once you get used to it.

Local food

One local delicacy is the hot pork sandwich. You will be asked “everything on?”, which refers to stuffing and crackling. You might want to ask that your bread is “not dipped” in the juices. After you get asked if you want “everything on” they will then ask you if you want apple sauce as well.

There’s also Parkin.

Henderson’s Relish is bought in a distinctive orange and black bottle, and is the city’s very own Lea & Perrins ‘Worcester Sauce’ variant. It is typically dribbled into gravy savouries, like stews and pies, although many also have it atop cheese on toast and beans on toast. Steel City cricketer and one-time England captain Michael Vaughan claimed to have had it in his Weetabix during the TMS commentary of the 1st England vs. South Africa test 2012, although this is disgusting.

For fast food you'll find Street Food Chef serves all your burrito requirements.

Local beer

Abbeydale, Blue Bee, Kelham Island, Thornbridge, oh my..

Notable central pubs include The Rutland Arms (4 mins from station opposite Access Space. Food, real ales, ‘net and comprehensive jukebox), The Devonshire Cat (bottom of Devonshire Green, 10 mins from station. Food, very wide range of international bottled ales) and the Sheffield Tap (actually in the train station, another very wide range of ales).